Células Solares de silicio monocristalino
Células Solares de silicio monocristalino
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Células Solares de silicio monocristalino

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Células Solares de silicio monocristalino

Marsrock solar cells offer the following 10 quality advantages:


Cell-To-Module Performance (ctm)

Marsrock improves cell-to-module ratio by:

Narrowing down efficiency bin range to 0.2%.

Defining efficiency bins by minimal power and 97% of current at maximum power.

Customers can manage and control module power output distribution.

Customers get more value for their money.

Long-Term Reliability

Strong bus bar interconnection ability with minimum peel strength >1.2n/mm.

High quality paste and optimal firing conditions to reduce possible delamination.

Constant pressure cook tests, damp heat tests and peel strength tests.
High Shunt Resistance

Marsrock cells feature high shunt resistance.

Maximum power output even in low light conditions.

More effectively reduces hot spot risk than only screening reverse current or dark current alone.

Good performance in weak light, therefore better energy yield over the long run.

Low lid (Light-Induced Degradation)

Frequent internal monitoring of lid.

Visual Quality

Marsrock sorts cells into four blue color classes and clearly labels them on packaging and shipping documents.

Color uniformity within cells are closely monitored and controlled.

Gives modules a high quality look and feel.

Marsrock sets high visual quality standards, screening more than 25 visual criteria.

Low Breakage

Low breakage means lower costs or possible module re-processing.

Low breakage after shipping.

No beading, thus, lower risk of microcracks from stacking.

Low warpage and bowing, thus, reduced breakage during stringing and laminating. Engineered packaging and careful handling.

Performance in High Temperature

Marsrock cells produce optimal power output even in high temperature conditions.

Temperature coefficients average 0.1% per c lower than the competition. This means 3% less power degradation when cell surface temperature increases from 25 c to 55 c.

Performance in Low Light

Marsrock cells perform exceptionally well even in low light.

Marsrock a-grade and b-grade cells are screened for shunt resistance.

Higher shunt resistance can result in up to 10% higher annual energy yield for pv systems.

Low Reverse Current

Marsrock cells feature low reverse current at both -10v or -12v.

Reduces hot spot risk for long-term reliability.

Environmental Compliance

Marsrock cells are developed with environmental protection in mind.

All cells are RoHS compliant.

Reach-svhc compliance ensures safe entry into the European market.

RoHS compliance: safe limits of Pb and no Cd found.
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Células Solares de silicio monocristalino

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